Ink Experts Sheetfed Process and Pantone Inks

Ink Experts Sheetfed Process and Pantone Inks

Ink Experts Premium Sheetfed
Ink Experts Premium Sheetfed Offset Ink with a wide range of applications on coated and uncoated cardboards and papers. It is a Highest Gloss possible inks proven in USA, Europe and in the Middle East  which is also stronger color strength ink. Ink Experts Premium Sheetfed provides excellent ink/water stability and press stability for easy printing. It is roller fresh that minimizes machine down times due to reduction of wash-ups.

The ink is duct and roller fresh, has excellent printability and lithographic performance. The ink is fast setting and absorbent and has good water stability. The paper can be stacked capability, wet-on-wet properties (Ink Trapping).

Printers can expect a fast work and turn rate (dependent on substrate). Ink being manufactured by us by one of the top ink company in Europe more than 165 years old ink company with positive track records.

Ink Experts Premium Sheetfed Pantone
Ink Experts-Pantone base inks are ready mixed duct fresh printing inks with universal use for solid and spot printing on packaging and advertising prints.

The products printed with this series stand out for their smooth solid prints and their high rub resistance. This is due to the vehicle systems which also offer high security in the run. In Experts-Pantone base inks can be blended on the spot to match shades in the Pantone Formula Guide using the Pantone Matching System.

Printers can expect good ink transfer, good stocking capability and fast work and turn, high consistency and good rub and scratch resistance.

Various other press room items are also available such as fountain solutions, Over Print Varnish, Gloss Varnish and Anti-skin Spray. These are only a few of our quality German products in stock.

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