Ink Experts is a solutions provider for most of your printing requirements when it comes to ink and ink related products. Quality print solutions with service that some established companies cannot match.

For your water-based and solvent-based flexographic/gravure ink dispensing system we can provide you the concentrates for on site dilution and Ink Experts will provide the know how, formulations, etc.

We pride ourselves in our close working relationship with industry leaders from across the globe, such the best companies in Europe and North America are part of the Ink Experts team, and as a team players we are all working together to provide reliable and individual printing solutions for our clients.

Ink Experts has developed these relationships through years of working with the best in the industry, before taking our product and its technical support to the market. Ink Experts staffs have worked to provide ink solutions for some of the world’s leading publications and printing ink companies. They have worked with leading Ink suppliers and current partner from Europe.

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