Digital Inks

Digital Inks

We have complete range of digital inks, printers and media for Digital Printing. Given below partial list. Our digital inks outdoor life span 36 months depending on the products. Self life for our digital inks 18 months. We have products from USA, Europe and Far East.

Super Wide Format
HP/Scitexâ„¢, Vutekâ„¢, Jetiâ„¢ etc using Spectraâ„¢, Xaarâ„¢, and Ricohâ„¢ print heads.

Wide Format
Spectraâ„¢, Xaarâ„¢, Ricohâ„¢ and Seikoâ„¢ print heads.

High Resolution user
Rolandâ„¢, Mutohâ„¢ and Mimakiâ„¢.

Available in unique 440ml cartridges, design for optimum use in Epsonâ„¢ DX4 and DX5 print heads, as used in printers such as Mimakiâ„¢, JV5 and Rolandâ„¢ RS640.

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